7 Life Lessons To Learn From Lord Shiva: Unleashing Inner Strength

12 April 24


Lord Shiva is the Supreme God among the ‘Trimurti’ who creates, protects, and changes the universe. For a better life, learn and adapt these 7 life lessons from Lord Shiva’s life.


The transformational force of fearlessness is personified by Lord Shiva. His Trishul represents not only his mastery but also each person's capacity to face their fears and succeed in life.


Lord Shiva is said to have sat in meditation for several months for the benefit of the cosmos. He eventually became known as Dhyanadeep because he achieved peace and maintained his focus at all times.


The third eye of Bholenath instructs us to consider all sides of any issue that arises in life. We should always check our consciences because sometimes, what we see may also be incorrect.


Lord Shiva led the most uncomplicated life despite being the greatest. His lack of jewellery, matted hair, bark all over his body, and his life without leisure are emblems of his simplicity.


Shiva symbolized the dawn of knowledge, the end of ignorance, and the ego. Because of his side of Ardhanarishwar, Shiva has a special place in people's hearts and lives.

Calmness & Patience

Despite being incredibly strong and powerful, Lord Shiva avoided finding happiness in this world. Therefore, instead of pursuing materialistic goals, one should find happiness in what is around them.

Love for All Beings/Animals

With the snake around his neck, Bhole's affection for animals is evident. A snake is one of the most fearsome and poisonous animals and Bholenath made friends with it as well.

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