9 Important Things To Learn From Corporate Life: Bitter But Truth

09 April 24


Nobody is your friend. They are your colleagues, and they will be your colleagues. Don’t mistake them for friends.

Stay away from office politics as much as possible, as it’s never worth it.

Master the art of clear communication. It’s a powerful tool that can either propel your career forward or hinder your progress, depending on how you use it.

Establish your own boundaries and guard them fiercely because in the corporate world, there will always be those who try to push them.

It’s okay to have burnout as you won’t be able to give 100% every day. Sometimes, just giving 70% also works.

It is completely fine if you change jobs. You just stepped into the corporate world, so explore and see what’s working out for you.

Keep a close eye on your accomplishments and ensure that your managers and colleagues acknowledge your hard work.

Learn to separate your personal and professional life because if you won’t, you will suffer greatly.

No work or opportunity is worth your mental well-being. If it’s to a point where your mental health is sacrificed. Just QUIT!

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