How To Start A Gratitude Journal? 5 Easy Steps

02 February 24


Why write a Gratitude Journal?

Writing a gratitude journal is a very powerful practice that can turn your life around. It’s all about focusing on the positive things in life and be grateful for them.

1. Set a Routine

Choose a time of the day, be it morning or night and stay consistent. It will help you make gratitude writing a habit, and you will be focusing on the good things every single day.

2. Reflect on the Postitive

Write down the things, moments, people who brought to you a sense of joy, comfort or peace. Feel it in your bones and dwell into the experince while writing.

3. Be Specific and Detailed

Instead of getting generic with the things you are grateful about, write them down in detail. Fully express the moment you felt happy and why it made you happy in words.

4. Be Expressive in Emotions

Feel the emotions while writing in the gratitude journal. Focus on the feeling of joy, contentment, peace or whatever you associate with that thing you are grateful for.

5. Keep Revisiting the Old Enteries

On some days, when its kinda hard to find things you are grateful for, revisit those moments when you felt peace and joy. This is one major advantage of writing a gratitude journal.

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