How To Deal With Toxic People: 9 Strategies for Self-Preservation

12 January 24


Does someone in your life consistently cause you to feel guilty, confused, or frustrated? If so, you may be interacting with a poisonous individual. Here’s how to deal.

Set Boundaries

Set clear expectations for the behaviour you will and won't tolerate. When people step over the line, they should either leave or face consequences.

Limit Contact

By spending less time with them and disclosing less personal information, you can lessen your interaction with toxic people. Engage with them only when necessary and only for a brief moment.

Don’t Take It Personally

Their behaviour and toxicity are reflections of their internal issues. So, do not take their statements and actions personally.

Be Assertive

Make a strong move to protect yourself. When something bothers you, and you feel compelled to say No, be assertive so they can't take advantage of you.

Embrace Self-Compassion

When toxic people make you feel bad, combat it with self-love and a reminder of your value. Stay away from their criticism and look at the positive things in life.

Make Connections That Are Encouraging

Increase the amount of time you spend with positive, kind, and upbeat individuals. Continue to be social, but pick the right companions.

Use Strategic Empathy

You shouldn't put up with their toxic behaviour, but you should have compassion for their fundamental problems. The expert advises setting up loving yet strict boundaries.

Don’t Expect Change

Don't hold out hope for someone who is toxic because you cannot force them to change or expect them to. Only your response should be under your control.

Avoid Escalation

Keep things from getting worse by not putting yourself on their level. Just keep your cool under pressure and ignore their toxic behaviour when they try to agitate you.

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