9 Plants That Attract Money And Good Fortune Like Magnets

05 June 24


Lucky Bamboo

Symbolising growth, resilience, and the flow of positive Qi energy, its vivid green stalks are frequently connected. Its potential for prosperity is said to increase with the number of stalks it has.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is associated with wealth and prosperity because of its thick, succulent leaves, which resemble tiny jade coins.

Money Tree

In many cultures, the money tree is a symbol of good fortune due to its unusual braided trunk and lush, hand-shaped leaves.


A staple in every kitchen, basil is a favourite among chefs and foodies alike. Positive energy is drawn to the aromatic plant, while negative energy is repelled.


Feng Shui claims that lavender is a simple-to-love plant that both attracts good fortune and protects against bad energy.

Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is said to attract luck, money, and prosperity. When brought into the house, the plant promotes wealth, growth, abundance, and good fortune.

The Blue Singapore Orchid

Among the most exquisite flowering plants is the blue Vanda coerulea. Orchids have a special power to bring luck and prosperity in relationships. The Blue Vanda is the most striking orchid.

Peace Lily

One plant associated with good fortune is the peace lily. It can clean every kind of environmental impurity. It has a striking aesthetic appeal, requires little upkeep, and offers fresh air.

Desert Rose

In Chinese culture, these charming flowering trees are referred to as wealth plants and are auspicious for the Chinese Spring Festival. Red and pink flowering plants are particularly fortunate.

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