9 DIY Decor Ideas To Beautify The Living Room

28 May 24


A Polaroid Wall

Arrange several of your best pictures, prints, and artwork to create a custom picture wall.

Throw Pillows

Pick up some throw pillows at your local markets, then personalise them with your preferred covers. When sewing your own, you can match your living room's colour scheme.

Repurpose Old Bottles

Repurpose your old glass bottles for décor to give them an entirely new perspective on life.

DIY Shelves

If you have time, construct your own shelves using wooden planks and brackets. Floating shelves are both fashionable and useful for displaying books, plants, and other items.

Handmade Rugs

Small rugs used to store plates or coasters can be made quickly, but elaborate rugs require a lot of time and effort.

Plants And Pots

Pots and plants are easy to add and make a big impact on decor. Bring in some adorable little plants from the neighbourhood nursery and arrange them on the shelves.


Spray painting your light bulbs is the simplest way to transform your lighting.

Wall Stencils

Online stencils that can be used to create patterns and designs on walls are readily accessible.

Coloured Bookshelf

Classifying your bookshelves according to colour is another simple way to make your home look better.

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