7 Hanging Plants That Require Little Water For Your Cozy Garden

14 May 24


Spider Plant

Always forget to water the plants? Don’t worry! Spider plants are for you. These plants can handle irregular watering and are known for their quality of purifying the air.


Pothos, the plant that thrives in the shadows! These beginner-friendly plants can flourish in low-light conditions and are not demanding when it comes to watering.

String Of Pearls

This hanging plant is ideal for busy gardeners as it requires little water to grow. It makes your indoor garden look heavenly and beautiful.

Burro’s Tail

These plants, which feature tear-shaped leaves on trailing stems, survive with minimal water. Water sparingly and hang them in sunlight.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plants are known for their indestructible nature. Their dark green leaves add a touch of elegance to your indoor hanging garden.

Lipstick Plant

This beautiful plant prefers slightly moist soil and can handle drought. Its pretty red flowers add a charm of delicacy to your home.


Peperomia plants don’t need regular watering because their thick leaves store water, which makes them a perfect choice for dry conditions.

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