7 Hanging Plants That Produce Statement Flowers

12 June 24



The distinctive, pendulous flowers of fuchsia plants are well-known for their range of colours, including pink, purple, and red. They need steady moisture and do well in partial shade.


Bougainvillaea's tiny, white flowers are surrounded by papery, colourful bracts on a vibrant, vigorous vine. It prefers well-draining soil and full sun.

Lipstick Plant

Lipstick plants yield tubes of flowers, usually in red, pink, or orange hues, that resemble lipstick tubes. They like regular watering and bright, indirect light.


Large, eye-catching flowers in pink, red, or white hues are the hallmarks of mandevilla vines. Their climbing habit requires support, and they do best in full sun.


Geraniums are well-known for their vibrant flower clusters that bloom profusely all through the growing season. They need moderate watering and thrive in full sun to partial shade.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus are epiphytic plants that bloom in the winter and are distinguished by their large, tubular flowers. They like slightly moist soil and bright, indirect light.


Nasturtium produces vibrant, edible flowers with hues of orange, yellow, and red. They like soil that drains well and full sun.

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