7 Benefits Of Having Gulmohar Tree At Your Home

03 May 24


The Gulmohar tree has anti-diabetic leaves. The methanol extract from these leaves is used to lower blood sugar levels.

In ancient medicine, the Gulmohar plant is used to treat a wide range of physical conditions, including constipation, diabetes, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, and pneumonia.

Leaves from the Gulmohar tree are used to make an antifungal essential oil.

Flavonoids in the Gulmohar plant help protect the health of the liver.

The Gulmohar tree yields wood that is light, soft, and strong enough to be used for furniture, boxes, and other wooden objects.

The Gulmohar tree offers cover and shade to a variety of wildlife, such as insects and birds.

In addition, the tree contributes to atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction, which is crucial for reducing the consequences of climate change.

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