30-Day Challenge to Transform Your Life!

03 May 24


Wake Up Earlier

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than your usual time. Don’t snooze the alarm or maybe keep it away from your bed. It will give you enough time to spend on yourself in the morning.

Do Some Physical Movement

Do some yoga, mild exercise, jogging or simple walking every single day. It will relax your mind and release unnecessary stress stored inside your body.

Eat Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is essential to kick-start the day with an energised mind and body. You can even start this habit by drinking juice or milk with dry fruits or eggs in the morning.

Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Write at least 5 things daily in the gratitude journal fro which you are grateful in your life. You can write it before going to sleep so that you go to bed with a peaceful and calm mind.

Think Positive

For 30 days, flip your every negative thought with a positive one. Don’t entertain any of your negative thoughts and speak positively about your dreams and goals.

Say NO

Say NO to things which drain your energy. Whether it's going to a particular palace, doing a particular thing or talking to a particular person.


Practice meditation for at least 10 minutes every day. Sit down in a calm place and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and every time your mind wanders, bring it back to the breaths.

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