10 Signs That Someone Truly Loves You

15 January 24


1- Their Body language

When someone is in love with you, they’ll try to be near you, even unconsciously. They will look at you a little longer and blink less.

2- They Listen to you and Value your opinion

When someone loves you, they don’t just hear but listen to you. They also try to look at things from your perspective and consider your opinion seriously.

3- They try to speak your love language

Someone who loves you will try to make you feel loved in the way you want. Like if your love language is quality time, they will actually make time for you instead of just saying it with words.

4- They show you off

When someone loves you, they are happy to show the whole world how great you are. They’ll brag about you to their friends or family to show how highly they think of you.

5- Respect is the key

In a successful relationship, people not just love each other but respect each other as well. It means they respect your intelligence; they respect your time and boundaries.

6- Your Needs are their Priority

Someone who loves you will try to do the things which matter to you and make you feel good. Like they’ll show up during a major event of yours, or they’ll plan dates at your favourite place.

7- They Communicate like an adult

When someone truly loves you, they don’t want to lose you over an argument. They will talk to you and resolve the issue because, for them, you matter the most.

8- Biggest Cheerleader

Someone who loves you will support you during the times when you are doubting yourself. They cheer for your dreams and goals without asking for anything in return.

9- They show interest in your interests

Even if your interests are different, they’ll try to be more active in doing your favourite things, whether it’s watching your favourite movie, cooking, painting, exploring new cafes or anything else.

10- You feel comfort

When someone loves you, they’ll make you feel comfortable in being who you really are. They will not judge you for anything, and you don’t have to think before acting in front of them.

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