10 Most Beautiful Flower Plants for Indian Homes

13 May 24



The pretty orchids are the love of every gardener. What they need is indirect sunlight and enough moisture.

Peace Lily

Here comes the priceless beauty which even purifies the air. If you don’t know, the ‘P’ in pretty stands for Peace lily.


One of the most enchanting flower plants you’ll ever see. It blooms for most part of the year and loves taking sun baths.

Black Eyed Susan

The vibrant colour of this flowering plant will light up your heart every time you look at it. It grows well in the warm Indian climates.


Meet the ‘Rose of Desert’! This cute mini plant is quite delicate but will definitely enchant your home.

African violet

This no-so-fan of sunlight likes to be indoors in a well-lit room. Its mesmerising beauty is a treat to the sore eyes.


The beauty of nature is incomprehensible. Gardenia is a stunning white flower plant which exhibits an exquisite aroma.


There are so many varieties of roses that you can plant in your home garden to make it heaven on earth. Plus, you won’t need to spend on Rose Day, lol.


Get the countryside feel sitting in your garden. These charms are so easy to grow and just need lots of sun and minimum water.

Bengal clock vine

It is a beautiful vine plant that only multiplies in the clockwise direction. Yeah! It might be their tradition or something.

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