10 Flowers that Represent Healing

04 January 24


1- Dandelion

Represent hopes, dreams, resilience and healing.

2- Lavender

Magical properties of making mind and body relax.

3- Rose

Best for heart health and inflammation.

4- Camelia

Symbolise love, longing, passion, admiration, desire, and perseverance

5- Sage

Represent immortality, wisdom, harmony, positivity and spiritual growth.

6- Calendula

Represent health, longevity and remembrance.

7- St. John’s Wort

Fights off evil spirits and contains spiritual properties.

8- Chamomile

Improves digestion and makes the body relax.

9- Jasmine

Act as a wonderful pain reliever.

10- Evening Primrose

Best for skin conditions and stress relief.

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