Want to Become a Better Person? Say Goodbye to These Habits in 2024

18 December 23


Negative Self-talk

When will we realise that words have Power? They shape our thoughts, beliefs and reality. So next time you catch yourself talking badly to yourself, flip it into something positive, no matter what.

Bye bye Procrastination

Tomorrow doesn’t come and we always have present to live. So stop missing opportunitnes and do whatever you want to do today.

Holding onto Grudges

Letting go of the hurt doesn’t mean you are weak, or what happened to you was okay. It just means that you are choosing peace over pain.

Resisting Change

Change is an inevitable part of life which is needed for our growth. It can be frightening sometimes but at the same time we will emerge as a complete new person after accepting the change.

Not Feeling the Gratitude

How can we get more of anything when we are not grateful for it? After all life is all about feeling joy in the present and dreaming for the future.

Not doing Self Care

What was the last time you had a goodnight sleep, or ate food that nourishes your body? Take very good care of yourself ‘cause at the end of day, you are the one that will be there with you.

No boundaries

Learn to say NO to things that makes you feel drained, or you don’t want to them. Sometimes saying NO to others means saying YES to the love for ourselves.

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