Simple Tips to Rejuvenate Skin in Summer

03 May 24


Use a Hydrating Face Mist

Summer season means taking extra care of the skin to prevent it from dehydration. Face mists are great for hydrating the skin and making it look refreshed anytime.

Drink a Lot of Water

Set water goals for the day and drink enough water for both skin rejuvenation and a healthy body. You can also flavour your drink with lemon water, iced tea, watermelon cooler, etc.

Make Full Use of Home Ingredients

Why buy products when you have everything in a desi Indian household? Cucumber, potato, watermelon peel, rice, and so many items can be used to get fresh skin in summer.

Do Some Face Exercise

Spare 5-10 minutes daily for the facial exercises, and you will see the changes within a few days. Put on your favourite video or music and do some self-care.

Apply Less Makeup

The most important thing in summer is to let your skin breathe. With all the sweat stored inside the body, it's essential that the impurities are drained.

Apply Rose Water at Night

Take some cotton and wet it with rose water. Slowly dab-dab your whole face with the cotton. Do this activity every single day for at least 10-15 minutes before going to bed.

Clean Pillow Cover

Make sure to sleep on a soft pillow cover which is gentle on your skin. Also, wash it frequently to prevent skin problems like pimples.

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