7 Essential Oils To Boost Hair Growth: Get Thicker and Stronger Hair

29 December 23


Lavender Essential Oil

The antimicrobial qualities of this oil can help to strengthen the health of the scalp. Apply a few drops of this oil to three tablespoons of carrier oil and massage your scalp.

Peppermint Essential Oil

When applied topically, peppermint oil stimulates circulation, which can result in a tingling, cold sensation. During the anagen (or growing) phase, this may aid in promoting hair growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosmarine oil is an excellent option because of its capacity to enhance cellular generation, which can help with both hair growth and thickness.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

This oil is believed to balance the oil-producing glands in the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. It also possesses antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

The best results from lemongrass oil for dandruff come from daily use. Every day, add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner, making sure to massage it into your scalp.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Strong cleaning, antibacterial, and antimicrobial qualities are present in tea tree oil. It can aid in unplugging hair follicles and promote hair growth when applied topically.

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme stimulates the scalp and actively stops hair loss, which can help encourage hair growth. Before applying it to your scalp, mix two tablespoons of carrier oil with just two tiny drops.

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