7 Best Winter Skin Care Tips

04 December 23


1- Moisturize and moisturize

Show your skin some extra love and keep applying your favourite moisturizer throughout the day.

2- Stay hydrated

Do not forget to keep your body hydrated even if it does not ask. You can set water goals to drink at least 8 glasses of water the whole day.

3- Hot water is a big NO!

I know hot water is tempting in winter, but it cracks open the skin and causes damage. So, use lukewarm water instead and keep your skin happy.

4- Choose your skincare products wisely

Winter demands extra care of your skin. Avoid harsh products and go for mild ones that are gentle on your skin.

5- Your hands and feet also crave love

We often tend to forget about caring for our hands and feet in winter. Here is a reminder to show some extra love and keep them moisturized all day.

6- Sunscreen is still a big YES!

Winter does not mean you can ditch wearing sunscreen. Harmful sun rays do not mind the season and do their work.

7- Your diet matters

Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy and skin happy.

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