5 Advantages Of Taking Ice Bath And Why Celebrities Like Them

10 October 23


Celebs Go Crazy

Every celebrity, from Samantha Ruth Prabhu to Virat Kohli, appears to like ice baths as they frequently upload images of themselves being submerged in ice.

What Is Ice Bath?

After a vigorous workout, a 10-15 minute soak in extremely cold water (10–15 degrees Celsius) is known as an ice bath, cold water immersion, or cryotherapy.

Benefits Of Ice Bath

Although sportsmen were the ones who originally embraced the idea, it has now caught on with other celebrities thanks to the claimed advantages of ice baths. We've offered a few examples here.

Relaxes Sore Muscles

After exercise, immersing yourself in an ice bath can help soothe sore muscles since it speeds up their recovery.

Cools Body Down

When someone is overheated, one of the ice bath's advantages is that it lowers their core body temperature. This is especially beneficial in warm climates or following an intense workout.

Reduces Inflammation

An ice bath's chilly temperature constricts blood vessels, lowering blood flow to your muscles and thinning down swelling and inflammation.

Supports Immunity

Additionally, some scientific data points to the benefits of an ice bath for immunity.

Helps The Central Nervous System

An ice bath can also benefit your central nervous system by promoting sleep. You feel better and are less exhausted as a result.

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