The Future of Flavor: 7 Food Trends to Try in 2024

08 January 24


Fusion Food

This year promises to be even more exciting for fusion cuisine, introducing us to new and inventive dishes like pizza pot pies and burger quesadillas.

Solo Dining

Solo dining is all about enjoying your own company, just like solo travel. In response, the restaurant industry is modifying its menu to include smaller portions.

Plant-Based Meals

The craze of the previous year was veganism. As a result, a large number of vegan influencers are leading the charge in promoting delicious plant-based cuisine.

Korean Food

The Korean food scene is booming worldwide, much like K-Pop and K-Drama. In 2024, the prevalence of Korean cuisine is expected to rise as staple dishes are gaining popularity.

Low Alcohol Beverages

Drinks with tropical flavours are expected to become very popular in 2024 as people move away from highly alcoholic beverages.

Rising Use Of Buckwheat

Buckwheat's delicate, nutty flavour may put it front and centre. For those who are sensitive to gluten and have an intolerance, buckwheat is a great alternative to cereal grains.

Growing Interest In Millets

Millets are now frequently found on restaurant menus. Millets will soon be combined with regional recipes as well.

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