Craving Crunch? Try These 7 Quick And Healthy Non-Fried Snacks

09 April 24


Makhana Chaat

A crunchy and flavorful snack can be made by combining roasted foxnuts with diced vegetables, spices, and sour chutneys.


Rolls with a thin crust made of gram flour and a flavorful filling of coconut and spices.

Poha Kichu

Cooked flattened rice with seasonings, veggies, and occasionally peanuts for a flavorful and easy snack.

Baked Kachori

Crusty pastry baked until golden brown, then filled with a hot blend of potatoes or lentils.

Rice Panki

A thin pancake cooked between banana leaves that has a distinct aroma, flavored with spices and made of rice flour.


Wheat flour-based steamed bread filled with a flavorful concoction of lentils, spices, and occasionally paneer.

Mozzarella Toast

Simply place your bread slices on a tawa and top with grated mozzarella cheese and oregano chilli flakes. Cover and allow the cheese to melt for at least five minutes. Have fun!

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