Omelet With Bread Recipe: A Popular Morning Breakfast For All

03 June 24


You need Ingredients like bread, egg, salt, pepper to taste, cheese Slice-1 cut in half, 2 tsp oil, and tomato Ketchup for serving

Step 1

Take a small bowl and crack open 2 eggs, season with salt and pepper. Mix it properly to combine it.

Step 2

Start heating oil in a frying pan and then, add half of the egg mix in and spread it out. After this, place 4 slices of bread over the egg.

Step 3

When the eggs are cooked, flip over and cook on the other side too. Use some chutney over the bread. Also, place cheese slices over it.

Step 4

Your Bread Omelette is ready! Enjoy with the ketchup and a cup of coffee.

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