7 Must-Try Varieties Of Kerala Appam: Tasty And Healthy Flavours

10 May 24



These crispy, flower-shaped appams, also called rose cookies, are deep-fried to a crunchy texture and delightful aroma using rice flour, coconut milk, and cardamom.


Rice flour, coconut milk, and toddy are the main ingredients of kallappam, which tastes slightly sour and goes well with chutneys or spicy curries.

Nei Appam

These sweet appams, also known as Unniyappam, are made with rice flour, ripe bananas, and jaggery. They are often eaten during festivals and are fried in ghee for a rich flavour.


Steaming string hoppers and cakes made of thin strands of rice flour batter, is a unique side dishes.

Muttai Appam

This variation, ideal for breakfast or a quick meal, offers a delicious blend of soft egg and crispy appam, with a cracked egg cooked in the centre.


Vellayappam, which is made from raw rice and grated coconut, has a thick, fluffy texture that makes it perfect for mopping up sweet syrups or spicy gravies.


This variation, also known as milk appam, uses coconut milk to give the batter a creamier texture. It's a well-liked breakfast that's frequently served with stew or sweetened coconut milk.

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