7 Must-Try Custard Recipes To Elevate Your Dessert Game

05 April 24


Caramel Custard

This traditional dessert has a layer of caramelised sugar on top of a smooth, silky custard, giving it the ideal harmony of sweetness and richness.

Floating Islands

In French cuisine, this dessert is also known as ile fottante. It consists of a delicate poached meringue floating on a bed of creamy custard with caramel sauce on top.

Fruit Trifle

This traditional dessert combines layers of sponge cake, custard, whipped cream, and fresh fruit to create a delightful blend of flavours and textures.

Bajra Tartles With Fruit Custard

These tartlets have a deliciously balanced sweetness and nuttiness thanks to their creamy fruit custard filling and hearty bajra crust.

Coconut And Litchi Cream Caramel

This dessert creates a decadent and revitalising treat by fusing the exotic flavours of coconut and litchi with the creamy richness of creme caramel.

Lagan Nu Custard

A traditional dessert called Lagan Nu Custard consists of a creamy custard flavoured with cardamom, covered in a layer of caramelised sugar, and adorned with nuts and dried fruits.

Coconut Custard With Jamun Sauce

With each bite, the sweet and tangy Jamun sauce and the creamy coconut custard combine to create a burst of tropical flavour.

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