7 Maharashtrian Dessert That Every Foodie Should Try

23 April 24



It's a milk-based dish that resembles steamed pudding and is flavoured with rose, saffron or cardamom.


A rich, sweet dish called basundi is made with saffron, nutmeg, cardamom powder, and milk.

Puran Poli

It's a term for a wheat flour flatbread filled with a sweet filling of cooked chana dal jaggery or sugar, cooked with lots of desi ghee.


This rice flour and water pancake is also called Pathavniche Ghavne. It tastes best with curry, pickles, or chutney.


This dish, which resembles a deep-fried crescent, is made with refined flour and is filled with dry fruits, coconut, and jaggery.

Kakadiche Sandan

This dessert, also called Dhonda, is made with cucumber, jaggery, coconut, semolina, and dry fruits and can be baked or steam-cooked.


This sweet dessert is mostly consumed on Ganesh Chaturthi. It is packed with roasted nuts, cardamom powder, sugar or jaggery, grated coconut, and mava. This rice flour treat has a dome shape.

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