How to Make Vegetarian Malai Chaap in 45-Minutes?

24 June 24



2 tbsp oil, 200 grams soya chaap, dahi, 25 cashews, ginger paste, garlic paste, 1 tsp pudina, sendha namak, garam masala, black pepper powder, and 1 tsp coriander powder.

Step 1

First is to soak the soya chaap in water overnight. In the morning, start boiling it for 10 minutes and wash properly.

Step 2

Next step is to pull out the soya sticks and chop each chaap into 3 pieces. Take a bowl and add dahi and all ingredients except the cashew and fresh cream.

Step 3

Now, add soya chaap pieces and mix it properly! Cover and marinate for 30 minutes. Next is to heat oil in a pan on medium heat.

Step 4

Add the soya chaap pieces and the cashew paste. Mix it properly and cover it. You can now roast the soya chaap until it is a light golden color.

Step 5

The next step is to add fresh cream and stir cook for 1 minute. Garnish with a little bit of chopped cilantro. Your Malai Chaap is ready!

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