From Orchard to Jar: Winter Fruits That Can Be Used To Make Delicious Jams

20 December 23


Jams Made With Winter Fruits

Winter brings rich, juicy, delicious, flavorful fruits. These fruits can be turned into delightful homemade jams.

Clementine Jam

Clementines are bursting with sweet and tangy flavours, making the ideal winter jam. Your afternoon scones or morning toast will taste refreshingly different from the bright, citrusy notes.

Persimmon Jam

Persimmons have a distinct sweetness that makes them ideal for jam-making. Their smooth textures and honey-like flavours make for a jam that goes well with both savoury and sweet foods.

Winter Apple And Cinnamon Jam

Apples are a wintertime staple and make a cosy and fragrant jam when combined with the warmth of cinnamon. Spread it over toast or serve it as a delicious cheese accompaniment.

Pomegranate And Orange Zest Jam

When orange zest is added to pomegranate seeds, their jewel-like appearance can be transformed into a delicious jam.

Cranberry And Orange Jam

Cranberries and oranges are a traditional combination that results in a jam that has the ideal ratio of tartness to sweetness. This jam gives your winter table a festive touch.

Grapefruit And Ginger Jam

Ginger's warmth and grapefruit's zesty kick will elevate your jam-making experience. This mixture gives a cheese platter or your morning routine a delightful twist.

Dark Cherry And Vanilla Jam

This is a rich spread for dessert or morning treats, which is created by the sweet tartness of cherries and the fragrant scent of vanilla.

Pear And Cardamom Jam

Infused with the spicy spice of cardamom, pears bring out their delicate sweetness in a jam. Use it as a condiment for winter roasts, or spread it over warm bread.

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