Feeling Under the Weather? Try These Fever-Friendly Foods

13 December 23


With the fever, you might not eat as much as usual during this winter. However, choosing food that will give you the energy and nourishment you require to stand back up is advisable.


The warm ingredients in chicken, beef, or vegetable broth can help ease sore throats and clear congestion. It's also a nourishing and calming option that helps avoid dehydration.

Tea With Added Ginger, Cinamon, & Tulsi Leaves

If you're feeling down, try making a calming tea with tulsi, cinnamon, and ginger. Tulsi relieves cold and chest congestion, while ginger's anti-inflammatory qualities help with nausea.

Chicken Soup

Besides being a good source of protein, which we need to build up our bodies when we have a fever, this nutritious soup is also simple to digest and offers essential hydration.

Coconut Water

Drinking plenty of fluids promotes healthy body temperature regulation and delivers essential nutrients to your cells. Coconut water replenishes the essential electrolytes and vital fluids you lose.


While a steaming bowl of oatmeal boosts immunity and is a nourishing option for those who are feeling under the weather, it also brings comfort.


Regarded as India’s comfort food, Khichdi, when prepared with spices, becomes a delectable and easily digestible dish. Khichdi offers a wholesome mix of carbohydrates, proteins and vital vitamins.

Besan Sheera

An age-old remedy renowned for its relief from cold, fever and cough, Besan Sheera works wonders in soothing a scratchy throat, relieving congestion and providing comfort during a fever.

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