10 Delicious Paneer Breakfast Recipes You Must Try!

12 April 24


Paneer Pakoda

I can wait for breakfast when I hear from the Kitchen, “Paneer Pakoda is Ready in 2 minutes”. It is one of the best lip-smacking breakfast foods.

Paneer Toasty

How can someone say NO to Paneer Toasty? This delicious breakfast is incomplete without chutney or ketchup. Try it once!

Paneer Bhurji

This tasty breakfast is made with the spices, vegetables, butter, and of course, paneer. Paneer Bhurji is very simple to make as it will not take much time.

Paneer Cutlets

My weekend breakfast is fixed! I only eat Paneer Cutlets, nothing else. This delicious dish with banana shake is just WOW.

Paneer Paratha

Hey Punjabi people! I know your national breakfast. It is Paneer Paratha with Dahi. So many eat this with sweet lassi.

Paneer Salad

If you are health conscious or you go to gym, I hope you have added Paneer salad dish in your diet list because it contains high amounts of nutrition.

Paneer Chilla

Do you know the most classic breakfast dish? No? It is Paneer Chilla that can be made using some besan, spices and water.

Paneer Omelette

Most of us are in a hurry to go to the office in the morning, so the easiest breakfast we can make is Paneer Omelette that only needs a few ingredients.

Paneer Upma

Looking for a tasty Paneer Breakfast Recipe? Have you ever eaten Paneer Upma? By adding vegetables, salt and green chillies, you will love eating it.

Paneer And Vegetable Sandwich

I know another mouth-watering dish which has been eaten by all of us. Try eating Paneer and Vegetable Sandwich with Green chutney.

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