7 Coffee Recipes To Try This Summer: From Beans To Your Cup

24 April 24


Would you be unable to go a day without your coffee fix? Are you seeking coffee recipes that will make you feel cooler from the inside? Take a look at these delicious cold coffee recipes.

Classic Cold Coffee

Made with espresso, milk, condensed milk, sweeteners, and ice cubes, it's the ultimate summer cooler. Blend them all together and enjoy.

Iced Coffee

Simple coffee served over ice is another well-liked caffeinated beverage. Moreover, layers of ice cream, nutmeg, and rum can be added on top.

Mint Coffee

This beverage is cool, revitalising, and ideal for summertime. Enjoy a delicious blend of black coffee, sugar, ice, and mint spring.

Mocha Cooler

This beverage adds taste to chocolate shakes and cold coffee alike. Blend coffee, milk, sugar, ice, and drinking chocolate; add ice cream on top.

Dalgona Coffee

Try it yourself after seeing it all over the Internet! This summer, make Dalgona Coffee at home for a refreshing instant whipped coffee treat.

Salted Caramel Affogato

The finest quality of affogatos? To create different flavour combinations, all you need to do is switch up the ice cream! This coffee drink with salted caramel is just perfect.

Coffee Lemonade

Your summer mornings will be sweet and refreshing with this coffee lemonade! For a stronger coffee flavour, use espresso; otherwise, stick with brewed coffee for the ideal amount of flavour.

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