7 Types of Idli Recipes That Are Worth To Eat

31 May 24


Poha Idlis

You only need a few ingredients to make it. If you want to make idli in less time, try this one first!

Rava Idlis

Want to try delicious idli for breakfast? Rava Idli is fabulous with white coconut chutney. 

Oats Idlis

This type of idli is soft and tasty. Also, it is the most popular dish in South India.

Vermicelli Idlis

Have you heard it for the first time? Trust me, you will love eating it if you add more carrots and other veggies.

Cucumber Idlis

Cucumber Idlis is not only worth eating but can also be prepared instantly. 

Pumpkin Idlis

Some say Dudhe Kadamb and some say Pumpkin Idlis! Choose any name you like but try making this amazing idli at least once at home

Ragi Urad Idli

Breakfast in South India is incomplete without Ragi Urad Idli. If you have not tried it, you have not actually eaten the best South Indian food yet.

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