7 Types Of Coffees Popular In South India

03 June 24


South India's Coffee Heritage offers a variety of captivating brews, each with its own distinct charm beyond the well-known scent of filter coffee.

Filter Coffee

Ground coffee beans are combined with chicory and brewed through a metal filter to create this fragrant mixture. In a classic tumbler and dabara set, it's blended with hot, frothy milk.

Degree Coffee

Filtered coffee is subpar compared to degree coffee. It's made by brewing a larger proportion of coffee to water, which gives it a stronger, more intense flavour.

Instant Coffee

To make coffee, prepared coffee powder is dissolved in hot water. The ratio of coffee to water can be changed, and milk and sugar can be added.

Bella Kaapi

It is a sweetened filter coffee that gives the conventional recipe a distinctive twist. This version adds jaggery in place of the sugar.

Sukku Kaapi

This traditional South Indian coffee is made by brewing coffee with dry ginger or sukku, which results in a warm, energising brew.

Karupatti Kaapi

It is native to Tamil Nadu's Kumbakonam town. What makes this coffee famous is the use of Kaupatti, a dark, unrefined sugar that gives the coffee a distinct caramel-like sweetness.

Tandoori Coffee

The barista first toasts kulhads in a heated tandoor before making Tandoori Coffee. Then, to allow the coffee to bubble over as it cooks, it is poured into the incredibly hot kulhads.

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