Heavenly Delicious! 7 Popular Momos That You Cannot Miss

01 June 24


Tandoori Momos

Smoky momos marinated in all of the Indian Tandoori Spices and tossed with a little cream make the best fusion of momos. To enhance the flavours, you can pair it with green chutney.

Afghani Momos

This is a creamier version of momos that will definitely please your palate. If you enjoy mild, creamy flavours, you will definitely become addicted to it.

Jhol Momos

These momos are a unique offering from Nepal. They are served with a warm bowl of soup, and the soup's flavour seeps into the succulent momos.

Sadheko Momos

This dish takes on a whole new dimension, from the freshly chopped onion, coriander, ginger, and garlic to the oil used for tempering and the fenugreek seeds.

Open Momos

It's a well-liked take on the classic dumpling. They are made with an exposed top, which highlights the vibrant fillings visually.

Kothey Momos

The crispy bottoms and crescent shape of these dumplings are well-known features. They are filled with a flavorful concoction of spices, veggies, and minced meat.

Chocolate Momos

The rich chocolate filling is encased in a soft, steamed dough in these delicious treats.

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