7 Mouth-Watering Gujarati Breakfast Recipe Ideas

10 June 24



Are you looking for a healthy way to start your day? Handvo is the solution. It's made with carrots, fenugreek leaves, and bottled gourd.


The main ingredient in fafda, a fried rectangular dish, is gram flour or chickpea flour (besan).


This is a really simple dish to prepare, store, and eat for breakfast or any other time of the day. It only takes thirty minutes to prepare and is made with ingredients like oil, spices, and besan.


Chevdo is simultaneously crunchy, sweet, and spicy. It is made from roasted dry fruits and rice flakes cereal.


It's delicious, made with boiled potatoes and a unique dabeli masala. A hot chutney made of tamarind, garlic, and red chillies is then spread over the mixture sandwiched between pavs.


Pudla is a Gujarati dish that resembles an omelette and is made of besan, curd, and spices.


The classic dhokla is one of Gujarat's most adaptable foods. This spongy snack is made with a leavening agent, lemon juice, spices, and besan.

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