7 Easy Lunch Recipes For Busy Days: Taste The Awesomeness

07 May 24


Masala Bhindi

A simple and tasty lunch option is okra mixed with spices and mustard oil.

Chana Kulcha

Serve this traditional Punjabi dish of chickpeas and spices with fluffy kulchas.

Shahi Egg Curry

Rice or roti go well with this creamy, mildly spiced egg curry.

Gujarati Kadhi

This yoghurt curry with gram flour is light and zesty, perfect for a light lunch.

Allahabad Ki Tehri

A hearty lunch can be enjoyed with a flavorful pulao paired with vibrant veggies and fragrant spices.

Low Fat Dahi Chicken

Yoghurt chicken curry that is guilt-free, flavorful, and low in calories.

Kolhapuri Vegetables

A fragrant and fiery Maharashtrian curry featuring a blend of vegetables and coconut.

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