10 Unique Types of Maggi That Are Absolutely Delicious

22 January 24


Chilli Cheese Maggi

You got to try this one right now! Add chilli flakes, grated cheese and a little Mayonnaise during the Maggi making, and the result will be complete bliss.

Schezwan Maggi

For all the spice lovers like me, adding Schezwan sauce to the Maggi gives the ultimate kick to the whole taste buds system.

Egg Masala Maggi

While making the yummy Maggi, crack an egg and add it along with the boiling water and masala for a mouth-watering Egg Maggi. You can also add veggies if you want.

Tadka Maggi

Boil the pan, add spices and veggies and cook at low flame. Then add water and Maggi, along with the Maggi masala. Trust me, you are gonna super love it.

Chicken Maggi

Fry the pieces of meat along with garlic, ginger and onion. Then add Maggi masala and other spices to it. After cooking for a while, add water and Maggi to it.

Salsa Maggi

Prepare a paste of tomatoes, onion, green coriander and cucumber. Add lemon juice, crushed black pepper and salt to it. Mix it all with the boiled Maggi and have the feel of an Italian dinner.

Korean Maggi

Add chopped garlic, coriander leaves, chilli flakes, oregano, sesame seeds, Schezwan sauce and Soy sauce to a bowl. Pour some hot oil over it, and then add boiled Maggi. Fingerlicking!

Italian Maggi

Prepare the white sauce, and instead of adding pasta, try adding boiled Maggi to it. You don’t need to go to Italy…Italy will come to you.

Cheese Garlic Maggi

Lightly fry some chopped garlic in a pan and add water and Maggi to it. Let it cook as per your taste, and add some cheese on top. Allow it to melt for an exquisite taste.

Maggi Soup

Add your favourite veggies or meat to the Maggi making and increase the quantity of water. You can also add corn, tomato sauce and basil for a flavoursome meal.

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