10 Most Popular Fried Chicken Recipes Around the World

29 January 24


Chicken 65, India

This chicken recipe has even made it into the “World’s Best Fried Chicken Dishes” by famous food blogger TasteAtlas. The credit for its origin goes to the city of Chennai.

Southern Fried Chicken, USA

Have a look at the signature fried chicken dish of America. Chicken is marinated in Buttermilk before being coated with season flour. It is then cooked in the typical South American way.

Karaage, Japan

What makes this cosy Japanese dish unique is that the chicken is always served in bite sized pieces, which can be topped on rice, noodles, or simply enjoyed as a delicious street food.

Chicken Kiev, Ukraine and Russia

This is a unique fried chicken dish where chicken is coated with eggs and breadcrumbs before getting fried. It appears in the menu across Europe with different variations.

Yangnyeom-chicken, South Korea

This crunchy, sweet and juicy fried chicken delicacy has made its place in the hearts of chicken lovers worldwide. Eating chicken and drinking beer has been made popular by the Korean people.

Yan Su Ji and Da Ji Pai, Taiwan

This bite-sized delicious fried chicken has been popular in the bustling streets of Taiwan since the 1970s. Chicken is marinated in rice wine and spices, then coated with sweet potato starch to fry.

Cantonese Crispy Chicken, China

Traditional food with old preparation methods always adds a nostalgic flavour to the dishes. This fried chicken is saved for the holidays with its long prep hours, which are worth every effort BTW.

Ayam Goreng, Indonesia and Malaysia

Variations of this fried chicken recipe are enjoyed in South Asian countries, with chicken marination taking place in different ingredients like coconut milk, breadcrumbs, lemongrass broth, etc.

Backhendl, Austria

This 18th-century fried chicken is made by coating a small chicken with lemon juice and seasonings. It is then dipped in egg wash, flour and breadcrumbs before frying.

Pollo Fritto, Italy

This fried chicken dish is very popular in the city of Tuscany. Chicken is marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and herbs before frying. A similar version is served during the festival of Hanukkah.

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