10 Gujarati Dessert Recipes You Must Try Once In Lifetime

11 April 24



Sweetened milk with cardamom and dried fruits is ideal as a dessert following a flavorful supper.


Made with gram flour, khoya, and cardamom, square-shaped barfis are a delicious treat that is often prepared during festivals.


Everybody who enjoys sweets will adore this Surat speciality, which is made with fresh dough, milk, sugar, and rosewater and filled with sweet dates.


All ages enjoy Srikhand, a traditional Indian sweet made from sweetened hung curd flavoured with cardamom and saffron.

Aam Ras

A sweet treat made with saffron-infused mango pulp served with dry moong dal and hot pooris. Savor the finest moments of this summer.

Doodh Pak

A traditional Gujarati rice pudding dish, made with milk, rice, and sugar, is rich and creamy.


A common Gujarati dessert made with sugar, ghee, and gram flour. That melts in your mouth very quickly.

Churma Laddoo

Made with wheat flour, ghee, and sugar, this delightful Gujarati sweet is irresistible.

Gundar Pak

This is a classic Gujarati treat made with edible gum and different herbs and spices. It is usually consumed in the winter.


Served as a pancake with kheer, this must-try Gujarati dessert is especially good during the holidays.

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