Want To Go On A Nostalgic Trip? These 10 Indian Shows Will Be Perfect

01 February 24


Son Pari

Remeber Ittu..Pittu..Jhim..Patuta? Yes, the magic spell by Son Pari to call Altu. Fruity was finally happy to have people, or in this case, fairies, in her life who cared for her and loved her.


Did you also wish to get magical powers like Jiya on your 18th birthday? Nani was so adorable with her cute behaviour and constant teasing of her beloved son-in-law.

The Adventures Of Hatim

The journey of Hatim, the prince of Yeman and his best friend Qasim was full of mysteries and adventure. I remember its one lesson till now, which is “Neki kar dariya mai daal”.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Let’s be honest, please! We all once wished for a magic pencil to make whatever we drew become real. I wanted that magic pencil to draw my favourite food.


We all grew up with Shaktimaan as our superhero, even before Superman was a thing. He has to try so hard to balance his life between a funny geek, Gangadhar and the superhero Shaktimaan.

Kya Mast Hai Life

This show portrayed college life friends and the everyday fun they have in the cutest way. There were even fights and separation but the love for each other kept them glued always.

Dill Mill Gayye

The story of love, challenges and resilience was brilliantly shown by four interns who aimed to become the most successful doctors in the world.

Karishma Ka Karishma

Karishma was the first AI we all got acquainted with. She always used to solve the family’s problems and ended up saving the day. The neighbours were too nosy, don’t you agree?

Vicky and Vetaal

Vicky accidentally sets Vetaal free, who was hanging on a graveyard for 300 years. Vetaal always used to do wrong spells from his magic book ‘Paddu’, but eventually they became best friends.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

A big Gujarati family with a matriarch, Maya lived the most humorous life with two sons, one daughter-in-law, one son-in-law and a brother-in-law.