Top 10 K-dramas to Binge Watch This Month

16 April 24


Hometown Cha Cha Cha

What happens when a city dentist goes to a seaside suburb and meets the most adorable bachelor of the town?

Business Proposal

A friend goes on a blind date as a replacement, but the blind date turns out to be her CEO. Must watch this heartwarming rom-com K-drama.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Attorney Woo Young Woo is actually extraordinary. She leaves her opponents in shock every single time, and sometimes even her colleagues.


This K-drama tells the tale of a man who only likes to flirt and a girl who loves dating but does not believe in love.

The Glory

Must watch this ‘revenge-of-the-century’ K-drama, which became trending during its release.

Alchemy of Souls

A powerful sorceress stuck inside a weak body meets a young man who needs her help to change his destiny.

Crash Landing on You

Due to a paragliding mishap, a rich heiress from South Korea lands in North Korea. Now it’s all upto an army officer to save her.

All of Us Are Dead

One of the best zombie-based dramas ever made. A group of high school students must save themselves from the zombie attack.

Little Women

Three beloved sisters become entangled with the wealthiest family in Korea. Mysterious things come to the surface, and chaos is inevitable.

Hospital Playlist

Five college friends are working in the same hospital. They all share a love for music and listen to it in their free time.

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