Top 10 K-Dramas That Make You Want To Visit Jeju Island

08 April 24


Welcome To Samdal-ri

Leaving for her quiet hometown of Samdal-ri on Jeju Island, Jo Sam-dal meets Jo Yong-pil again after her career as a fashion photographer collapses.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

At the Hanbada Law Firm, Woo Young-woo is a talented lawyer. She combats a difficult traffic case on the picturesque roads of Jeju Island to demonstrate her resilience in the face of scepticism.

Warm and Cozy

The show centers on Lee Jung-joo, a late 20s woman who travels to Jeju Island in search of a new beginning. Here, she meets Baek Gun-woo, owner of Warm and Cozy, a coffee shop.

Legend of the Blue Sea

Are you a fan of fantasy television shows? Maybe you'd enjoy watching Legend of the Blue Sea! This drama depicts the ideal setting for a Jeju Island man and mermaid tale.

Secret Garden

A mysterious accident leads to the body swapping of a chaebol heir and a stuntwoman. In Jeju's Seaes Hotel and Resort, the couple shares their first kiss. For fans to view, the hotel even retained th


Jeju Island is covered in a dark aura that could potentially extend beyond the archipelago. Priest Johan's mission is to stop the evil before it claims more lives.

Doom At Your Service

The characters become kindred spirits in spite of the gloomy circumstances surrounding their meeting. Myul Mang made the decision to ease the young web editor's transition out of this world.

Love Alarm

The story of teenage love and young people's struggles is told in Love Alarm. People in the drama community communicate with one another through the Joalarm app.

Something In The Rain

The main focus of the drama is Yoon Jin-ah, who develops feelings for the younger brother of her closest friend. At the end, Jin-ah get enough of her toxic workplace and relocates to Jeju Island to st

Crash Landing On You

Yoon Se-ri unexpectedly lands on North Korean land while parachuting due to an unexpected storm. Military officer Ri Jeong Hyeok finds her and chooses to assist her.

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