The Vampire Diaries Main Characters Ranked

18 September 23


Demon Salvatore Played By Ian Somerhalder


Stephan Salvatore Played By Paul Wesley

Life is not about your final moments. It is about the moments that led up to them.

Caroline Forbes Played By Candice King

Whenever Someone Tells Me I Cannot Do Something, I Prove Them Wrong

Niklaus Mikaelson Played By Joseph Morgan

The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you

Elena Gilbert Played By Nina Dobrev

It's Okay To Love Them Both.

Katherine Pierce Played By Nina Dobrev

We Both Know I Could Rip You To Shreds And Do My Nails At The Same Time

Bonnie Bennett Played By Kat Graham

I am Not OK With You Choosing Yourself And I am Not OK With Never Seeing You... My Best Friend, Ever Again

Matt Donovan Played By Zach Roerig

My sister is a ghost, And I am just a guy who is wondering how his life got so screwed up

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