Popular K-Dramas to Watch After Breakup

08 April 24


The Red Sleeve

Before going to watch this K-drama, make sure to keep some tissues in your pocket. It is especially for all those who just came out from a recent breakup.

Because This Is My First Life

It's about a couple who get married, and they end up living together. Both couples have shown their talent well to make this K-drama series the biggest hit.

Cheese in the Trap

Want to see the top Korean romance drama series? I suggest Cheese in the Trap that is based on a wildly popular manhwa of the same name.

Our Beloved Summer

It's about two adults who make a decision not to see each other again after a breakup. But destiny forced them to connect with each other again.

Lovestruck in the City

Those who want to capture the sad vibes that come after a breakup must see Lovestruck in the City. It's a 2020 popular K-drama series that received the best IMDB rating.

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