9 Must Watch K-Dramas With Hate To Love Relationship

20 April 24


Crash Course In Romance

A single mother and a renowned math teacher disagree about the education of their kids, but they soon find themselves drawn to one another.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

A dentist from Seoul meets a handyman in the seaside village where she relocates. He assists her in adapting to her new life, and together, they set out on a path of healing and development.

The Innocent Man

A man promises to exact revenge and retrieve what was taken from him after being betrayed by both his best friend and lover.

Our Beloved Summer

After being made to work together to film a documentary, two ex-lovers discover that their romance is blossoming again.

Shooting Stars

When a PR manager and a well-known celebrity collaborate to navigate the entertainment industry, their relationship becomes more complex.

Her Private Life

A prominent art gallery curator is also a secret fan site administrator for a K-pop artist. When the star shows interest in her, she has to juggle her two lives.

Touch Your Heart

A prominent actress receives a job order for secretarial work at a legal practice as retribution for a scandal. There, she develops feelings for an emotionally distant and icy lawyer.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

At a sports university, a weightlifter develops feelings for a swimmer who happens to be her childhood buddy.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

After nine years of employment, the boss's secretary abruptly quits, leaving him to figure out how to live without her.

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