9 K-Drama Tropes That Make Us Swoon

17 April 24


Enemies To Lovers

A cold stare, a bitter comment, and then an imposed closeness that turns all that cold into intense love.

Rich Guy, Poor girl

Worlds collide when a ramen shop employee and the heir to the chaebol discover that their hearts cross social status.

Slow Burn Romance

Before the love finally explodes, lingering touches and simmering glances create a delicious tension.

The Contract Relationship

A fictitious union or agreement ignites real emotions while they move through their pretend-to-be-in-love act.

Accidental back Hug

A fall and a stumble result in an appealing embrace that says it all.

The Second Lead Syndrome

Viewers swoon for their unrequited love as the devoted best friend hides a secretive love.

Piggyback Ride Rescue

A dashing knight gives a tired damsel a brave ride on his back, making her weariness disappear in an instant.

The Headband Grab

Hearts flutter when a playful tug on a headband results in an unexpected kiss.

The Reunion After Years Apart

After a heartbreak, fate brings them back together, and their love grows even stronger.

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