7 Green Flag K-Drama Leads You Are Sure To Fall For

06 April 24


Lee Jong-suk: Romance Is A Bonus Book

A charming character, Lee Jong Suk, genuinely loves Kang Dani. His desire to see her happy demonstrates his compassion and desire for unconditional love.

Kang Tae-mu: A Business Proposal

Shin Ha-ri was hesitant to want to start a relationship with Kang Tae-mu, but his constant support and encouragement illustrate how reliable he can be.

Gu Won: King The Land

Gu Won only ever loved Sa Rang for herself. He never once made her feel self-conscious about her lack of wealth or social standing, even in spite of his position of authority.

Ahn Min-hyuk: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Throughout their entire relationship, Ahn Min-hyuk's constancy and undying love for Bong Soon showed his stability and dedication to her regardless of their challenges.

Ri Jung Hyuk: Crash Landing On You

Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk's love proved a genuine dedication that went beyond social norms. To make sure she was safe, he even put his life in danger by flying from North Korea to Seoul.

Lee Joon-ho: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Joon Ho is a stand-up guy since he ensures that Young Woo is respected and understood despite the difficulties she encounters in both society and the workplace.

Ryan Gold: Her Private Life

Every K-dramas fan has their hearts stolen by Ryan Gold. His willingness to be honest and open with Sung Duk-mi regarding their problems sets an example of empathy that everyone can follow.

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