FRIENDS: Shows to Watch If You Like FRIENDS sitcom

22 January 24


Modern Family

Three related (and not so different) families face life together with full-on humour, emotions, love and care.

The Big Bang Theory

Watch how the lives of four socially awkward friends turn upside down when they meet a free-spirited girl, Penny.

How I Met Your Mother?

Meet Ted, who is on a mission to find the true love of his life. This show is all about love, friendship, the ups and downs of relationships and pure comedy.

The Office

Watch the documentary inside of an office and what happens on a regular day. Competition, ego clash, jokes, inappropriate behaviour and whatnot. Don’t worry! It’s a comedy.

Two and Half Men

The life of a self-indulgent takes an unimaginable twist when his brother and 10-year-old son move to his beach house.

Broke Girls

Two young girls are on a mission ot start their own business. Meanwhile, they develop an unbreakable friendship that will face the tests of life.

The Golden Girls

Four previously married women live together in Miami. They face life together and enjoy every moment with themselves despite hard times.

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