Best Romance Movie for a Cosy Winter Night

04 January 24


The Holiday

Two women did a house swap for holidays to escape the blues of winter and life. They accidentally fell in love with each other’s friend/brother. This one is my personal winter pick.

Something From Tiffany’s

A woman accidentally gets someone else’s engagement ring, which leads her to the person she’s destined to be with. Watch this lovely movie while sipping a warm cup of coffee.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

A guy bet to make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. A woman bet to make a guy fall out of love with her in 10 days. What happens when they accidentally choose each other for the bet?

Sleepless in Seattle

How could two people be miles apart but still connected by heart? This movie is definitely gonna stir up the warm, cosy feelings inside you.

Last Christmas

A young woman, working as an Elf in a store, is said to be the queen of bad decisions. He meets Tom, who turns her life upside down in a good way. Is it the Christmas magic or something else?

Let It Snow

Inspired by a popular novel, this movie is about a group of high school students who got stuck in a small town on Christmas Eve. They explore friendship, love and other aspects of life together.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jonas has decided to become a new person in the New Year and is keeping a diary to keep track of her growth. Are you curious to see what’s written in her diary?

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