Best Korean Drama All Time About Super Rich Families

09 April 24


Shopping King Louis

A shopaholic and rich man who lost his memory met a woman who helped him with a thing or two about his spending habits. This show is available on Netflix!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Lee Young Joon falls in love with his diligent secretary, Kim Mi So. But she quit her job because of some goals to achieve. Will she come back to work with him?

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Ahn Min Hyuk came from a rich family and Min Hyuk is working in the gaming industry. How do they both meet each other? Find out by watching this K-drama series.

Business Proposal

Have you ever gone on a blind date? Firstly, know about it by watching this K-drama series where a man's best friend goes in place of him. Watch it on Netflix!


Kim Hee Ae is everyone\'s favourite! In this K-drama show, you will see her strategic team planning for business and her impeccable skills in dealing with public opinion.

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