Best K-Dramas to Watch on Prime Video For Free

10 June 24


Marry My Husband (IMDb 7.9/10)

The story is all about an ill cancer patient who is killed by her husband and best friend. Will she get justice? Watch this Suspense-thriller K-drama series on Prime video.

The Kidnapping Day (IMDb 8.9/10)

Every episode is worth watching! You will watch the most heartwarming kidnapping story one can encounter. Join Amazon Prime Video to watch this K-drama!

The World of the Married (IMDb 8.0/10)

If you love watching some twists and turns in K-drama series, I recommend watching The World of the Married. Both Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon are killing it!

The Penthouse: War in Life (IMDb 7.9/10)

Any Lee Jiah fans here? Are you? I hope you will not miss The Penthouse: War in Life. It is one of the best K-dramas available on Prime Video.

SKY Castle (IMDb 8.5/10)

Want to know how do the wives of the richest families in Korea prepare for university entrance exams? Don’t miss this top K-drama series!

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