Best BTS Quotes For The True Purple Army Fan In You

01 September 23


BTS opened the route for them to become the most popular K-pop group in the world by Franky tackling societal concerns in their songs and for their odd style.


Your presence may make people happy. I hope you keep it in mind.

Kim Taehung (V)

When times are tough, take a moment to pause, look back, and realize how far you’ve come. Be aware of its rewards. More than everyone else, you are the most beautiful flower.


Without passion, life is like death.


Never give up on a desire you’ve been pursuing for nearly all of your life.


Back up and look in the mirror. Make it unique if you want to be considered a piece

J. Hope

When times are bad, remember who you can count on! They will provide you with energy.


That light for people who are in the dark is what I want my music to be. I want them to get over it and be confident to go ahead again.

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